The best thing about Highbury Tutorial College was definitely the lecturers and the high quality of lectures I sat in every time I was in class. The relatively small class sizes coupled with how receptive the lecturers are to sharing their seemingly unquantifiable knowledge was no doubt an essential component of the success of my degree. Thank you guys.

Makitla P D 078 942 9553

They used a variety of teaching methods and moved through the course material ensuring that no one in the class fell behind.  No wonder I score 74% in MAT2691.
I wholeheartedly recommend Highbury Tutorial College life was excellent.

David 074 360 3947

The lecturers at Highbury Tutorial College show real passion, both for their subjects and for the achievement of their students. They really give it their all and go above and beyond to do all that they can to get you to that pass grade and above. Aside from excellent course tutoring, the lecturers have a real exam focus during every class, giving tips on answer technique and timing that really helped me to achieve high marks. Yes I scored 81% in QMI 1500.

Ben 074 959 3904

The lecturers really enjoy the subjects they teach and it was never a case of just going through the motions. The lecturer was extremely exam focused and provided excellent exam tips. The tips related to key areas such as exam technique and time management. The lecturer was always willing to take time out during and after class to answer questions from students.

Tapelo Ramatswi 074 532 7688