Highbury Tutorial College was established in 2016 since its inception Highbury Tutorial College has successfully been preparing students for university distance learning. At Highbury Tutorial College university standards are closely adhered to. Our attention to detail has allowed us to gain the reputation of consistently achieving some of the best results in South Africa.

Our Mission

Value driven and aspiring to excellence, Highbury Tutorial College offers quality, cost-effective, university education programmes, using university curricula and assessment tools.

We strive to fully prepare our students for a successful pursuit of internationally recognised higher education studies and to satisfy the academic needs of distance learners to excel in exams and life.


FAC1500 ECS1500 FIN2602 STA1501 DSC1520 INF3701/8
FAC1501 ECS1501 MAC2601 STA1502 DSC1630 FLS1501/2
FAC1502 ECS1601 MAC2602 STA1503 ICT2601 CRW2601
FAC1503 ECS2601 BSM1501 STA1510 ICT2602 CRW2602
FAC1601 ECS2602 MNB1501 STA1610 INV2601 LLW2601
FAC26012 ECS2603 MNB1601 IOP1510 INV2602 LLW2602
FAC2602 ECS2604 MNG2601 IOP1502 RSK2601 PVL1501
FAC3701 ECS2605 MNG2602 IOP1601 RSK2602 PVL2601
FAC3702 ECS3701 MNG3701 IOP2601/2 CLA1501 PVL2602
FAC3703 ECS3702 MNG3702 IOP2604/5 CLA1502 EVI3701
FAC3704 ECS3703 MNE2601 IOP3701/8 EUP1501 EVI3702
QMI1501 FIN2601 MNM2601 DSC1510 EUC1501 ENN/ENG
MAT1581 MAT2691 MAT3700 EMT4801 MAT1511 MAT1510
FIC181C ENP291Q MED161Q DCE1501 QMI1500 MAT1510